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Weight-less 60CAPS

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Ultra Minerals delivers a full spectrum of important plant-based elements and minerals, most of which are absent from foods and supplements currently on the market. Our cold-water extracted, plant-based minerals provide a strong supplement for anyone seeking the pure mineral nutritional value of vegetation that modern farming practices has not stripped away. It contains 70 different minerals!

Each vegetarian capsule contains 150mg of Mesozoic plant trace minerals (negatively charged). The vegetate is completely organic from earth laden minerals that were naturally chelated and metabolized through the root of prehistoric plants. These nano-sized plant minerals are water soluble hydrophilic mineral that form a natural ionic bond with water providing superior solubility and easy digestion.

  • About 70 million years ago, Earth’s fertile, mineral-rich soil produced lush green forests and wholesome, succulent, wild fruits and vegetables.
  • This was an era when the soils near the earth’s crust contained at least 84 minerals.
  • According to scientists all life at that time, whether plant or animal, was extremely healthy and this was a direct result of the plants’ ability to extract at least 70 or more minerals from the soil.
  • Healthy, mineral rich soil, filled with an abundance of microbes, makes for healthy plants, which makes for healthy animals, which in turn makes for healthy soil—life builds upon life.
  • However, to borrow from the famous Apollo 13 quote, "Houston, We've got a problem."
  • In the last 50 years we’ve seen the destruction of over 50% of our supply of topsoil needed for food production. Extensive topsoil has been lost through the overuse of inorganic fertilizers, erosion and farming practices that deplete soil elements and microbes.
  • Today, the soil around the world shows no more that 20 minerals. The soil in the North American continent has had an average of 85% minerals depletion in the last 100 years— the worst of any other country in the world.
  • "The alarming fact is that food- fruits, vegetables and grains- now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contains enough of certain needed nutrients, [minerals and microbes], are starving us no matter how much we eat of them." (US Senate Document 264, 1936).
  • The eminent scientist and two-time Nobel Laurent Linus Pauling claimed that, "You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency."
  • Ultra Minerals delivers a full spectrum of important plant-based elements/minerals in varying trace amounts, the great majority of which are absent from our foods and the mineral supplements currently on the market.
  • Plant based minerals that are naturally chelated through plant root uptake and digestion.
  • Ultra Minerals are cold-water extracted trace minerals from a pristine source of Mesozoic Vegetate. The colloidal solution is then drum dried to a fine mineral powder.
  • They form direct hydrogen bonds with water and are therefore water-soluble and nearly 100% absorbable, without digestion, even through the skin.
  • Each bottle contains 60 vegetarian capsule with 150mg of 72 negatively charged, hydrophilic, nano-sized trace minerals. There are no excipients of any kind.

One Capsule Contains:
7-Keto DHEA 25mg
Demineralized Brown Sea Weed Extract 200mg
(from Kelp and Bladderwrack)

Other ingredients:
cellulose & water (capsule shell)

1 capsule two times daily (before meals).
Weight-less: No. 4 Systemic Booster - 60 vegetarian capsule: Servings per container: 60

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