Hi everyone. The first time I visited SM homeopathic Pharmacy, I had a concussion after a grand mal seizure post brain surgery. No doctor could help me. I had an inflammation in my brain which felt like a fist sitting in the middle of my head. I was sleeping most of the day for months.


I walked into the pharmacy and felt I was in the heart of my healing. I spoke to the homeopath and the owners. They suggested arnica. I bought it but read that it was poisonous, I didn't understand homeopathy then. I decided to sit in the store in case something went wrong. I asked them to call 911 if I passed out. I was really scared.



One hour after taking the arnica the feeling of the fist disappeared completely, totally, gone!!!! I couldn't believe it. I live in SD now but will make trips to SM Homeopathic Pharmacy periodically because I know I can get the best help and advice on Homeopathy.



Btw, this place deserves 6 stars not 4! It's the kind of special place you rarely run across.



Julie Kaye


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"Nancy - Over the past years your help has been fantastic. I never once felt like you were judging my situations or questions. That professional and humane way of communicating with people has inspired me many times. Thank you for that! Here's to health & friendship. With love, Claire


Hi Bob - Just a note of thanks for doing what you do with the Santa Monica Homeopathic pharmacy. My mom battled cancer for many years and your products and now, while i'm in great health, I come to stay in great health. I was there today and Nancy and Kristen helped me. Your place is a rarity and very much appreciated. Thank you, Lucia


In this day and age people are quick to complain but I would like to compliment! :)

Every time I've shopped at your Homeopathic Shop, your staff has greeted us promptly & offered assistance which is so helpful, truly!  Your staff is courteous and very knowledgeable, I am impressed!

You have a wonderful staff and I would like to say Thank you and Kudos!






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