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Pan 5x - 90 CP



5X U.S.P. Pancreatic Enzyme Concentrate Progressive Labs. Each 450 mg. capsule supplies the following minimum enzyme activity:

Amylase---40,000 USP units
Lipase--------7,500 USP units
Protease--40,000 USP units
Ingredients: raw porcine pancreas concentrate, rice flour, vegetable sterine, magnesium stearate, gelatin.
The raw pancreas concentrate in this product is prepared by a special process which does not exceed physiological temperature (37C). Guaranteed to be free of chemical pesticides and synthetic hormones.

Pan 10x - 90 CP


Pan 10X 90 capsules - Progressive labs.

Per capsule:
Contains raw pork Pancreas concentrate with the following minimum enzymatic activities:
Amylase 80,000 USP units
Lipase 15,000 USP units
Protease 80,000 USP units

Suggested use:
One capsule with each meal or as directed by a doctor.

Pancreas Care Extra Strength

Pancreas Care Large
Providing what you need, your pancreas produces enzymes that help digest protein, fat, and carbohydrates before they can be absorbed through the intestine. The pancreas also produces insulin, which regulates the use and storage of glucose or sugar.

Pancreas Tonic - 180 CP


Pancreas Tonic - herbs have been used for decades in helping to balance pancreas function. More information including Questions and Answers can be read by clicking on the product link.

Pancreas Tonic and the ingredients in Pancreas Tonic can be researched at"