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Board Certified Staff

Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy is a small family business founded by our parents & grandparents in 1944. We owe our continued success in serving the health needs of our customers to the values established by Norman & Mary:

Placing people before profits and integrity before income.

To accomplish this, we invest about 30% of our income in salaries so that we can employ and keep the finest consultants available. The industry average is 13%.

We are humbled each day by the appreciation we receive from our customers and encourage you to share your thoughts and experience working with our staff.

Knowledge, Care, Integrity and Service

are the standards we have established so that we can continue . . .

. . to enhance the lives of individuals by providing information and products which will enable them to live a better life and take responsibility for their own health care.

We thank you for your continued trust.

For your convenience our staff speaks the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Filipino and Hindu.

Pam Tarlow, Pharm.D. has been a licensed community pharmacist since 1981. For over 18 years she has specialized in integrative pharmacy, helping customers and professionals effectively use natural products, integrated therapies, and pharmaceuticals for prevention and health care concerns. Currently Pam practices at Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy and consult with private clients and community pharmacists. She is on the faculty of CEDH, Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy. She is a preceptor for USC and Western University Pharmacy School students and teaches part of the Self-Care course. Pam is an instructor of Nutritional Medicine at Yo San University of TCM. She lectures regularly on natural medicine, hormone balance, homeopathy, therapeutic aromatherapy, meditation, and mindful eating.  - advocate since 1992


Harlan Carey, Pharm.D.  received his dr of pharmacy degree from USC school of pharmacy. He opened his own Pharmacy in west Los Angeles where he served the community with all their medical needs. He graduated from Curentur School of Homeopathy where he received his diploma in Homeopathy.  - advocate since 1983

Donald - Passed away April 4th 2020

Business Manager
Since 1986

Bob - Retired

Operations Manager
Since 1991

Larry (Retired)

Platform Supervisor
Since 1997


General Manager (Retired)
Since 1990

Susan T. CN Clinician support - Retired

Since 2002 advocate since 1990

Vicki - Retired

Customer Service Cashier
Since 1996 advocate since 1993

Roger - Retired

Customer Service
Since 2002


Customer Service Mail Order(Passed Away)
Since 2018


Flavia, CN, CHom General Manager

Clinician support
Since 2006 advocate since 2005


Kristen, LA c

Floor Manager Clinician support
Since 1995 advocate since 1978


Safina, ND

Platform Manager Clinician support
Since 2014 advocate since 2001




Deborah, N.P.

Clinician support Since 2002 advocate since 1991


Kim, DI. Hom

Clinician support Cosmetics, Skincare
Since 1990 advocate since 1990


Maggie, ISHom, BSHom

Clinician support
Since 2001 advocate since 1997



Customer Service Cashier
Since 2006


Kate, DI. Hom

Clinician support, Customer Service


Steve L., DI. Hom

Clinician support Website Development
Since 1988 advocate since 1987


Nancy MS.T.

Clinician support
Since 2009 advocate since 1980



CN Clinician support
Since 2002

Elita, LA c

Clinician support
Since 2000


Customer Service Cashier
Since 2018


Customer Service Cashier




Customer Service Cashier


receiving department


Shari LA c