The pharmacy was destroyed and looted Sunday May 31. To learn more about our hours of operation and the pharmacy damages, click on the contact link. The website and store are open for business.


To Transforming The World of Animal Health

ThorneVET is a unique organization committed to helping veterinarians heal animals more effectively through the use of integrative medicine. And to us this means so much more than producing the most innovative products on the market.We see ourselves as your partner in the healing process. Therefore we have built ThorneVET and this website to provide you with the vital tools that can help support you to treat more animals more successfully. These tools are the foundation of all we do at ThorneVET.

Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy has been helping our clients with Thorne Research products since 1990.

We protect our products from heat and deterioration by ordering them fresh each week and storing them in a temperature-controlled environment.

We have well over 200 years of collective knowledge in modern
and alternative medicine. We help our client's
restore their health.