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Serraflazyme-Serrapeptase - 100 TB

Product Information:

Serraflazyme-Serrapeptas-Serratiopeptidase - Ecological Formulas, Cardiovascular Research.

A purified enzyme in an enterically-coated tablet. It is scientifically-designed for maximal absorption; anti-inflammatory.

Why does it work?
Many health conditions and especially chronic diseases, such as, Arteriosclerosis (hardening-of-the-arteries), Rheumatoid Arthritis, and chronic Sinusitis cause an inflammatory response in the body. Because of the disease condition, the tissues become infected or inflamed; the cells involved may stop functioning and die. This debris must be removed from the body.

In many cases, the body is simply overwhelmed with task of eliminating the avital tissue which has been created. As a result, arteries become blocked or joints become enlarged and immobile with the dead tissue of which the body has not properly disposed. Laboratory studies have shown that Serraflazyme has the ability to quickly and harmlessly breakdown the dead tissue which the body will then readily eliminate.

Hence, Serraflazyme is invaluable in treating many health issues and particularly, chronic diseases which cause an inflammatory response in the body.

Arthritis, Lower back Pain, General back pain, Knee pain, Muscle aches, Joint pain, Hip discomfort, Fibromyalgia, Aching bones, Headaches, Swollen joints, Swollen ankles, Swollen feet, Swollen fingers, Swollen legs, Swollen, knees, Stiff joints, Migraines, Pinched nerves, Sprains, Endless itching, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Rheumatism, Tendonitis, Shingles, Bursitis, Whiplash, Sport injuries.

Clinical Use
Prior to the discovery of Serraflazyme, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), such as, salicylates, ibuprofen, and the more potent drugs, were the most commonly prescribed substances for controlling inflammatory joint conditions, but of course, long term use of these drugs causes gastrointestinal and other more serious side-effects like kidney damage and negative cardiovascular effects, etc. However, because Serraflazyme is a naturally-occurring enzyme, there are no undesirable side-effects, and studies have shown this enzyme to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

Suggested Use:
1 to 4 tablets daily before meals.

Serraflazyme 100 tabs
Serrapeptase 5 mg. Equivalent to 10,000 iu activity

This is a purified enzyme, serratia peptidase in an enterically coated tablet. It is scientifically designed for maximal absorption. This is a proteolytic enzyme isolated from the micro-organism, serratia E15, naturally present in silk worm intestines. The most important part of this enzyme is that is correctly enterically coated. It cannot be in capsule form

German Study
In Hanover, Germany, Dr. Hans Nieper, MD, used Serraflazyme and magnesium supplementation in the treatment of 51 seriously-ill heart patients. Two, 72-year-old men, who had both been scheduled for heart bypass surgery, were also included in this study. Per Dr. Nieper, "All the diagnostics indicated they had severe blockage in their coronary arteries." Neither of the men had the costly and dangerous surgery, and both men made a dramatic recovery. Dr. Nieper reported that all of the 51 patients progressed impressively over a two year period.


Dissolves plaque in the blood. Plaque in the blood slows down oxygenating process in blood cells. A blood "cleaner" scientifically designed for maximal absorption. Taken 1-4 tablets daily preferably before meals. 100 Tablets

Ingredients: Serrapeptase 5 mg., Maltodextrin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Stearic Acid, and Silicon Dioxide. Equivalent to 10,000 iu activity

There are many products promoting a 20mg. 40,000 unit dosage. This dosage is considerably too high to consume at one time. For absorption reasons it is recommended to take 10 mg. twice daily or 5 mg. 4 times daily before meals.

Similar product known as Arthro Enzyme


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