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BoneQur: Provides a comprehensive bone formula that enhances bone tissue production

This formula contains complexes minerals with amino acids to increase uptake by 60-100% and provides deeper cellular penetration and retention. Considered a comprehensive bone formula that enhances bone tissue production.

Four capsules contain: Vitamin C-60 mg, Vitamin D3-400 IU, Vitamin B6-5 mg, Calcium-600 mg, Phosphorus-150 mg, Magnesium-600 mg, Copper-2 mg, Zinc-6 mg, Manganese-4 mg, Vitamin K-100 mcg, Molybdenum-60 mcg, Boron-2 mg, Silicon-6 mg, Vanadium-60 mcg, Veal Bone-400 mg, Horsetail (aerial)-50 mg

Recommendatioin:  Three to six capsules following meals a day or as directed by a health care professional. 

BoneQur - 90 capsules

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