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GlucoQur 180 caps

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A nutritional,herbal formulation formulated to aid the body to control glucose metabolism

Aids the body to control glucose metabolism and maintain normal blood sugar levels. Glandular supplementation aids in toning organ tissues for proper cellular health. Aids in the prevention of high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

Two capsules contain: Vitamin A-5000 IU, Vitamin C-200 mg, Thiamine HCl-36 mg, Riboflavin-20 mg, Niacin-36 mg, Niacinamide-270 mg, Pyridoxine HCl-36 mg, Folic Acid-800 mcg, Vitamin B12-25 mcg, Biotin-100 mcg, Pantothenic Acid-100 mg, Zinc-14 mg, Selenium-60 mcg, Manganese-6 mg, Chromium GTF-600 mcg, Adrenal Tissue-44 mg, Liver Tissue-44 mg, Pancreas Tissue-44 mg, Bovine Thyroid Tissue-18 mg, Kelp-50 mg, Cinnamon (bark)-200 mg, Pine Bark (bark)-180 mg, Vanadium-200 mcg.

Recommendation:  Take two to six capsules a day following meals or as directed by a health care professinal

GlucoQur: 180 caps

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