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Re-Structure - 2 OZ

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Product Information:

Restructure - A complex liquid herbal extract formula of Chinese herbs helps nourish the kidney and liver channels, eliminating blood obstructions by facilitating the removal of dead tissues, allowing for increased tissue regeneration. This greatly speeds up healing in soft tissue and joint injuries. It can be used as a ligament, tendon and joint tissue re-builder after injuries, surgeries or workouts.

'Restructure' is very useful for athletes, and is used as a soft tissue trauma preventative, acting to maintain the integral strength of the connective tissues. The Restructure formula nourishes, strengthens, activates and has strong regenerative properties.

Helpful in the following situations:

Joint injury -- Ligament or tendon injury -- Old non-healing injury -- Pre and Post-workout -- Stiff Joints --Strengthen ligaments.

Facilitates the removal of dead tissues.

Helps in tissue regeneration.

Useful in soft tissue trauma.

Useful before and after workouts for athletes (increases strength and mobility.)

Used in non healing or slow healing injuries.

Support kidney and liver

Helps movement in blood stagnation conditions.

Concentrated pressed alkaloid herbal liquid extract (CPAE) - Radix Dipsaci, Rhizoma Cibotil, Rhizoma Homalomenae, Rhizoma Drynaria, Polygoni Multifori, Paeonia Lactifol, Radix Et Caulis Jixueteng, Cortex Eucommiae, Ramulas Cinnamomi, TangKuei, Radix Morindae, Ramulus Loranthus, Radix Achyranthis, Corydalis, Ginger root, Licorice root, Eleutherococcus senticosus, Horsetail herb, Ginkgo biloba, Ruta Graveolens 30X, Rhus Tox 6X, 10% glycerin, 30% alcohol in distilled water. (Note) The amount of alcohol per serving is less then you get in a ripe banana.

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