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Oil Smart - 90 CP

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Product Information:

OilSMART by Renew Life - Advanced Naturals delivers the optimum balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils
It is also the only oil supplement on the market containing Lipase, the enzyme most important for digesting oils.

Oils are derived from Flax seed, Borage seed and cold-water fish.

Oils support cardiovascular function, joint flexibility, fat metabolism, nerve and brain function and hormone production.

Why do we put Lipase in OilSMART?
Oils can be difficult to digest, and as we age our bodies produce fewer enzymes. That's why OilSMART with Lipase is the smart choice for anyone seeking the many health benefits oils have to offer.

OILSMART ingredients are:
Flaxseed oils high in Omega 3 oils Borage seed oil high in Omega 6 GLA and LA oils Fish body oil supports cardiovascular functions Lipase supports digestion of oils

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