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Nutribiotic Original Cleanser - 16 OZ

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Nutribiotic Original Cleanser - Non-Soap Skin Cleanser, Original Formula (Green Label, Unscented for Sensitive Skin).

Q: What does Non-Soap mean? I like to feel "soap and water clean.

A: Soap and water clean" might not be as clean as you think. Soap as a cleaning agent often is harsh, is potentially irritating and leaves a residue that can dry the skin. Most bar soaps are made from sodium solids of fatty acids (the old beef tallow and lye mixture). Liquid soaps use a potassium salt and fatty acids, which keeps them fluid. These soaps are often very alkaline (basic) and have a high pH. The pH of healthy skin falls into the range of 4.5-6.5 and is considered to be slightly acidic. A highly alkaline product can strip the skin of its protective lipid layer and deplete the acid mantle, both of which help keep skin healthy. Skin without its acid mantle and lipid layer can become dry and cracked and may be more susceptible to infection.

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