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Fibersmart - 8 OZ

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Product Information:

FiberSMART by Renew Life - Advanced Naturals What are the potential benefits of high-fiber diets?

Lowers Cholesterol Levels -- Normalizes Blood Sugars -- Improves Bowel Function -- Feeds Intestinal Bacteria -- Inactivates Intestinal Toxins -- Decrease Intestinal Permeability.

Which type of fiber is best?

Both Soluble and Insoluble fiber are important, and FiberSMART contains both. Fiber products which contain only one type simply can't offer the complete potential health benefits.

Why is FiberSMART your best choice?

FiberSMART is made with flax (unlike most powdered fibers that are made of psyllium). Flax fiber does not bind, swell, or gel like psyllium-based fiber products. Both Soluble and Insoluble fiber are important, and FiberSMART contains both.

  • FiberSmart's flax fiber can be tolerated by many individuals sensitive to psyllium.
  • Flax contains lignins, which strengthen fiber cells, thought to help the body's defenses against many health problems.
  • FiberSMART is not fiber - it's also fortified with many additional ingredients beneficial to digestive health.

What is fiber And What's So Important About It?

Medical researchers everywhere have promoted the benefits of high fiber diets. Fiber is the indigestible parts of fruits, seeds, vegetables, whole grains and other edible plants. Fiber is generally classified as either soluble or insoluble.

Soluble Fiber is fiber that easily dissolves in water. Fruit pectin is an example of soluble fiber. Soluble fibers lead to the production of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) which support the nourishment of the cells of the large intestine and promote digestive healing. SCFAs also help reduce levels of cholesterol and can inhibit the growth of yeasts and disease causing bacteria.

Insoluble Fiber is fiber that is not easily dissolved in water. Wheat bran is an insoluble fiber. Insoluble fibers help inactivate many intestinal toxins and may help to inhibit the ability of parasites to attach to the walls of the intestine. Insoluble fibers also contain roughage which helps tone the bowel. Another attribute of insoluble fiber is that it may play a role in reducing intestinal permeability.

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