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Chamomille - 1 OZ

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What It Is; Why It Works

Chamomile, Latin name: Matricaria chamomilla. A remedy for Appetite loss, Bronchitis, Colds, Cough, Fever Liver and gallbladder problems, Skin inflammation, Sore throat, Tendency to infection, Wounds and burns. Chamomile is also used internally to treat inflammation and spasms of the digestive tract.

This traditional home remedy is native to Europe and northwest Asia, and now grows in North America and elsewhere as well. A small plant (8 to 16 inches in height), it sports little white and yellow flowers.

The entire flowering plant, or the flowers alone, may be used medicinally. It relieves inflammation and spasms, promotes wound healing, and fights bacteria.

There are no known medical conditions that preclude the use of Chamomile.

Special Cautions:
At customary dosages, Chamomile does not have side effects. However, a few people develop an allergy to the herb over time. Special Information If You Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding; No harmful effects are known.

Possible Drug Interactions:
No interactions have been reported.

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