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Clear Lung


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This formulation is uniquely blended and proportioned so as to be of maximum benefit in acute and chronic conditions of lung congestion.

This formulation is uniquely blended and proportioned so as to be of maximum benefit in acute and chronic conditions of lung congestion. The herbs have antispasmodic, antibacterial and regenerative qualities. Frees up mucous congestion and allows for increased breathing capacity.

CLINICAL INDICATIONS: Lung congestion, Asthma, Wet & Dry Cough, Pleurisy, Chronic Phlegm Bronchitis.

Concentrated herbal liquid extract. Wild Cherry (Prunus serotina), Pleurisy Root (Asclepia tuberosa), Mullein (Verbascumthapsus), Hyssop (Hyssopusofficinalis), Hops (Humulus lupulus), Marshmallowroot (Althaea officinalis), 7% glycerine, 30% alcohol in distilled water. ClearLung +:inlcudes the above ingredients plus 10% Colloidal Silver 15ppm, Ant. Tart. 6x, Puls. 30x, Phos. 30c, Stannum 30c.

Wild Cherry: Latin (Prunus serotina)
Common names: Black choke, chokecherry, wild cherry.
Medicinal part: bark
Habitat: Western herb. Widely distributed from Nova Scotia to Fla. west to Dakotas & Arizona.
Main constituents: Prunasin, a cyanogenicglycoside yielding hydrocyanic acid. Prunasin reduces the cough reflex. Indications: Irritating cough (dry or wet), spasmodic cough, bronchitis, respiratory catarrh (excess phlegm), asthmatic symptoms.

Pleurisy Root: Latin (Asclepia tuberosa)
Common names: Butterfly weed, Canada root, flux root, wind root.
Medicinal part: root
Habitat: Native to southern U.S.
Main constituents: Flavonoids (rutin, quercitin). Cardenolides.
Indications: Hot, dry, tight, conditions in the chest.
Promotes expectoration. Reduces inflammation. Relieves pain in the inflammation of Pleurisy.

Mullein:Latin (Verbascum thapsus)
Common names: Velvet dock, Aaron's rod, Jacob's staff, Candlewick, Blanketleaf.
Medicinal part: Leaves, flowers.
Habitat: Native to Central & Southern Europe and western Asia. Now grown in many other regions. Main constituents: Mucilage, flavonoids, triterpenoid saponins, volatile oil & tannins.
Indications: Valuable herb for coughs and congestion. Bronchitis & tracheitis. Reduces mucous formation and stimulates expectoration.

Hyssop:Latin (Hyssopus officinalis)
Common names: Hyssop
Medicinal parts: Flowering tops.
Habitat: Native to southern Europe, Mediterranean countries, the Balkans and Turkey. A common garden herb. Main constituents: Terpenes (including marubin a diterpene), volatile oil (mainly camphor), flavonoids, hyssopin, tannins and resin.
Indications: Marubin is a strong expectorant. Used for pleurisy, tight chestedness, respiratory congestion, asthma, and chronic coughs. Encourages the production of a more liquid mucous and stimulates expectoration.

Hops: Latin (Humulus lupulus)
Common names: Hops
Medicinal part: Fresh & dried strobiles (flowers of the female plant).
Habitat: Indigenous to Europe and Asia.
Main constituents: Bitters (lupulin containing humulon, lupulon, and valerianic acid), volatile oil, flavonoids, tannins, asparagine. Indications: Calming, stress reliever.

Marshmallow:Latin (Althaea officinalis)
Common names: Marshmallow
Medicinal parts: Root, leaves, flowers.
Habitat: Native to Europe, naturalized in US.
Main constituents: Mucilage, starch, pectin, flavonoids, phenolic acids, sucrose, asparagine.
Indications: Soothes mucous membranes.

2-4 droppers full straight or in a glass of clean water 3-5 times a day. Amount and frequency of dosage is dependent on the severity of symptoms.
Clear Lung - 2 and 4 ounce 

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