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Oil Of Oregano - .45 OZ

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Oil of oregano is a potent germ killer. Jean Valnet, in his book The Practice of Aromatherapy, describes how oil of oregano is so strong that it is capable of sterilizing sewage. Research published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology found that oil of oregano is an excellent germicide capable of killing a wide range of fungi and bacteria. According to the Journal of Applied Nutrition oil of oregano is highly effective for killing Candida. Researchers in Mexico found it possesses strong antiparasitic actions, especially against Giardia. As published by Sarer researchers describe it's antiseptic powers as "remarkable."

Oil of oregano is also a powerful pain killer. An article published in Phytotherapy Research describes how oregano oil superceded anti-inflammatory drugs in reversing pain and inflammation and is nearly as powerful as morphine as a pain killer. The oil also posses significantly antioxidant powers. Furthermore, it stimulates the flow of bile, which greatly aids digestion.


Our Oil Of Oregano is derived from a wild edible herb belonging to the category Origanum vulgare, taken from the high mountain regions of the Mediterranean and is the true oregano species. The majority of the oils available and the dried herbs found in supermarkets are from commercially farmed non-oregano species, particularly various types of marjoram as well as species of thyme. According to Julia Lawless, author of "The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils", the vast majority of oregano oil is mislabeled because it is often derived from a thyme, especially Spanish thyme. Thyme is undesirable!!


Wild Mountain Grown Oil of Oregano is a potent antiseptic, meaning it kills germs. Research proves that it is highly effective for killing a wide range of fungi, yeast and bacteria as well as parasites and viruses. Our oregano oil is from edible oregano species so it may be taken internally as well as used topically.

Oil and Gel caps

Topical Use: On skin rub a small amount well into the affected area. Repeat as necessary two or three times daily or as directed by practitioner. If rash or irritation occurs, discontinue use.

In Shampoos: add a small amount of oil into shampoo. After shampooing allow to sit for a few minutes, then rinse.

In Soaps: add to pump soaps and use during showering and hand washing for excellent antisepsis.

On Gums: on gums rub on gums and teeth for various indications. Apply one or twice daily.

For Warts or Boils: saturate the infected area(s). Cover with corn-type plaster/band-aid. Repeat dressing until lesions are clear.

Internal Use: add a few drops of Oil of Oregano to juice or water. Or take 3-4 drops as needed under the tongue and hold in mouth before swallowing. For larger amounts take 1-2 Oreganol gel caps (equivalent to 7 drops per capsules) 2-3 times a day with a meal.

Vaginal Membranes and other Genital Regions: exert caution here, as significant heat and burning sensation will result. Oregano oil is a peppery spice. For application to sensitive genital regions be sure to dilute a few drops of the oil in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or coconut fat. Apply as needed.

Diaper Rash or other Infantile Conditions: Avoid using straight oil on infants; always dilute by placing a few drops of the oil in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or coconut fat. If stronger dosages are needed, use only a drop or two at a time on infantile skin.

Oregamax consists of two powerful herbs: wild oregano and mountain sumac (Rhus Cararia). These herbs have been utilized traditionally for a wide variety of aliments, including stomach disorders, bronchitis, colds,flu, asthma, intestinal parasites, fatigue and headaches. Oregamax contains substances, which are very helpful for lung conditions, especially cough, asthma, colds, flu bronchitis and pneumonia. These are native herbs grown on primitive soils free of chemical additives. Thus, they are rich in nutrients, especially minerals. Oregamax is edible; Taste It!

General Usage: take two or three capsules daily with meals.

Usage for Chronic Infection: take two or three capsules daily with meals. Take an additional three capsules at bedtime. After one month, reduce the dosage to two capsules three times daily.

Usage for Acute Infection: take three capsules every hour or every two hours until improvement is noted. Then, reduce the dosage to three capsules four times daily.

It's strong, so when using it internally start with small amounts, like one or two drops twice daily in juice.


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