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NatraBio® and bioAllers® are a part of the Consumer Products Division of Botanical Laboratories, Inc. NatraBio® products have been manufactured and sold in the leading health food stores and natural supermarkets for over 20 years. Since its inception, NatraBio® has become one of the most respected brands in the natural products industry, dedicated to a deep, philosophical commitment to the science behind homeopathy and natural healing, and the establishment and adherence to strict pharmaceutical quality standards

BioAllers, Our industry-leading research and development team has pioneered many developments in complimentary natural medicines. Included in those developments are the bioAllers® natural homeopathic allergy formulas. Our efforts to provide advanced natural medicines like the bioAllers, are all grounded in the philosophy of using science-based research and development that is also supported by university and clinical studies. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality control standards, creating innovative product formulations, and incorporating the best of what natures’ medicines and conventional medicines have to offer.