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Moducare - 180 CP

Product Information:

Moducare - For optimum health, your body relies on a properly functioning immune system. A dietary supplement designed to modulate the immune systems.

Your body's immune system is a precisely regulated defense network, and balance among various cells, organs and chemical messengers is particularly important. Dietary influences on immune function are well recognized. In particular, plant fats, as found in Moducare Sterinol, are especially useful in enhancing the body's ability to regulate immune function.* This proprietary blend is manufactured exclusively by Essential Phytosterolins, Inc., and is the only product of its type demonstrated effective in clinical trials.

For optimum health, your body relies on a properly functioning immune system. Two naturally-occurring plant compounds, sterols and sterolins, have been found to provide significant immune-regulating benefits.* Even though they are widely distributed in fruits and vegetables, few people consume sufficient quantities of these foods to achieve maximum benefits.

Exciting new clinical research demonstrates that supplementation with the exact combination of sterols and sterolins found in Moducare Sterinol can play an important role in optimizing your body's immune function.


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180 capsules

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