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NUTRITIONAL DATA, INC. Founded in 1979, by Gary Dobbs. First and foremost, NDI believes that the future growth of the alternative health care industry will come from educational information, provided to the practitioner and from them directly to their patients. When offered clinical and research oriented information, patients can and will make responsible choices about their healthcare. Second, NDI wants to provide the highest quality professionally formulated healthcare products to our clients with the understanding that we always place a premium on quality, service and support. Molecular Biologics has been in the business for over ten years. The principals have over sixty years accumulative experience. We do not have outside detail representatives nor do we advertise our products. Our growth comes from the recommendations of our clients to their associates, regarding the efficaciousness of our products and results for the patients.

We have well over 200 years of collective knowledge in modern
and alternative medicine. We help our client's
restore their health.