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Mail Order Department

The Value of Mail Order.

Years of experience have repeatedly shown us that faxing or emailing requests had guaranteed our customers the utmost accuracy when placing an order for pickup or shipping.

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Health requests not handled in-store must be handled by fax or e-mail to prevent errors. Most health requests take time and research to be accurate, which is of utmost importance when it comes to health. Some health requests may also take network discussions with our staff practitioners before we can respond to your needs. Help us to help you receive the best response from our trained staff. Remember to always include your fax number and email address on all requests.

We ship orders via the United Parcel Service for security, accuracy and great parcel tracking. Orders received on weekdays by 3:00pm PST are normally shipped the same day.

Orders placed on holidays or weekends are shipped the next business day. The shipping cost for all orders will be charged the actual postage plus a handling fee. All taxes and custom duties are the customer's responsibility.

Online |
Email |
Phone.| Phone: (310) 395-1131
Or, you can use our no-cost fax services. | Fax: (310) 395-7861

Fax Services Includes:

  1. Product pricing by fax, email or phone
  2. Stock checks by fax, email or phone
  3. How long should you take a product? There are many vitamin supplements that could cause health problems taken too long.
  4. Making sure other products your taking, including drugs are okay to take with your new products.
  5. Proper dosage - dosage, time of day and with or without food can make a product work or fail.
  6. How to properly take new products along with other drugs or supplements.
  7. Health requests by fax, email or phone
  8. Follow-up from in-store consultation by fax, email or phone
  9. Product pick-up - We have a parking stall for pick-up only orders.
  10. Doctor referrals by fax, email or phone
  11. Direction to pharmacy