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Leg Cramps PM Tablets

Product Information:

Hyland's Leg Cramps PM relieves pain and cramps in lower body, legs, feet and toes with accompanying nighttime sleeplessness. Temporarily relieves the symptoms of pain and cramps in lower body, legs, feet and toes with accompanying sleeplessness and disrupted sleep.


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Hyland’s Leg Cramps contains 5 botanicals and one mineral that help to relieve pains in limbs and joints:

Cinchona Officinalis 3X HPUS (Quinine) – for symptoms of pains in limbs and joints, worse from slight touch, better from hard pressure (rubbing).

Aconitum Napellus 6X HPUS – Relief of pains in joints, legs.

Gnaphalium Polycephalum 3X HPUS – helps with cramps in calves and feet;

Ledum Palustre 6X HPUS – for pain and cramps in legs; tearing, sore pains in knees; weakness in knees when walking.

Magnesia Phosphorica 6X HPUS – for radiating, cramping pains in calves. Usually worse on right side.
Rhus Toxicodendron 6X HPUS – for pain and stiffness in fibrous tissue. Pains from strain and overexertion.
Viscum Album 3X HPUS – for relief of pain in joints.
In a base of Lactose (milk sugar), N.F.
50 tablets

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