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Keys Care

Keys was born from a need for natural skin care products the likes of which did not exist before we started.

Our founder, Wendy Steele, survived Melanoma and her story of her road to recovery was littered with prescription products that almost worked. The trauma showed her the clear vision need for products that really worked to solve skin problems. Because they are natural, they also made her feel good with a new youthful appearance and the resulting contentment showed her the way in creating Keys In the simplest of messages, Keys is ancient remedies employing modern technologies for people with skin disorders, those that want to be chemical-free, people who want their family to have natural alternatives and for post cancer recovery survivors.

We are: Natural Beauty Natural Skin Care Natural Skin Therapies Natural Hair Care Natural Dog Care & Supplements

We are not just a natural products company with scents of lavender and claims of what ingredients we do not have in our products. We consider ourselves a natural medicine and therapy products company that happens to use natural ingredients. We use functional ingredients in therapeutic proportions to design and build skin care, beauty, skin therapies and dog care products that do what they say they will do. We never scrimp and we always back every product with a 100% satisfaction guaranty. I believe our Purpose and Direction statement says it all!” Wendy Steele, Keys CEO.

We have well over 200 years of collective knowledge in modern
and alternative medicine. We help our client's
restore their health.