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Jet Zone - Jetlag prevention (Each) - 30 TB

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JetZone® Homeopathic Jet Lag Prevention was conceived by an International Flight Attendant and Formulated by a Homeopathic Physician who is an MD (Medical Doctor)
JetZone homeopathic pills were developed to help prevent jet lag in-flight safely without side effects.
JetZone, the military and professional athlete’s companion, was developed for those traveling by jet across time zones for business & pleasure, frequent flyers, flight attendants & pilots.
• 100% Natural Homeopathic Travel Medicine
• Uniquely Formulated to Prevent Jet Lag
• 30 Tablets for 2 International Round Trips/48 Hours of Flying Time
• Chewable and Pleasant Tasting Tablets
• Easy to Use – No Water Needed
• Free of Interactions & Side Effects
• Safe & Effective

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