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Santa Monica Health Newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 6

This is one you won't want to miss! This newsletter took four years of research, and development to formulate.

Why self–love is an important missing link for wellness and disease prevention
We know from a great deal of scientific research, as well as our inner wisdom, that love is essential for good health and that the happiness love brings is healing. People who are in a committed relationship are happier and healthier than people who are not...
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Why age is only a number – and what it really means
Many scientists believe that from the second of conception or, possibly, even the glimmer in a mom and dad's eyes that preceded conception you are set up with a certain amount of time in the body into which you are born. Others believe that lifespan is far less 'programmed' and far more 'programmable,' and that with the help of scientific advances in medicine and nutrition we can dramatically extend the human lifespan regardless of genetics...
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Liver health, detoxification, and aging
The common notion of aging has to do with the degeneration of the body's organs and organ systems, but this degenerative process can be managed to some extent. A big part of this management can be achieved with appropriate attention to the health and function of the liver...
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Is the so–called science on which modern medicine bases its treatments nothing more than theory – or is it fiction?
There's a dictum that doctors hear during their years in medical school. It goes something like this: "Fifty percent of what you learn here will turn out to be false. Unfortunately, we don't know which half..."
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The simple truth about cholesterol, type II diabetes, and hypertension
The truth is that cholesterol is not really the villain portrayed in pharmaceutical ads. It is actually a vital substance needed in every cell of the body. It is the chemical precursor from which the body produces bile acids, provitamin D3, male and female sex hormones, and adrenal hormones (hydrocortisone and aldosterone, which regulate sodium and potassium balance). Cholesterol is needed to construct the membranes that surround each cell....
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New information about a great company and its products
Nutritional Data is a company that has been around for a long time. Early this year, they constructed a new state of the art facility in Lindon, Utah. This expansion will allow them to better serve their clients. During the past year, they have updated their formulas with the latest ingredient technology...
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Patients Like Me
We recently discovered a Web site called Patients Like Me, where people with various conditions can communicate with others about what treatments have worked for them...
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In Closing
During this holiday, eat what makes you happy in moderation! If you find that many foods do not agree with you, most often it is just a lack of a digestive enzyme. Don't try to guess what enzyme you may be missing. Ask for our best enzyme available and avoid the foods that cause you the most distress...
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