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Deer antler velvet (lu rong), Barrenwort aerial (yin yang huo), Cistanche salsa aerial* (rou cong rong), Rehmannia (raw) root (sheng di huang), Fossilized Coral Calcium (Okinawa coral), Spatholobus stem* (ji xue teng), Ardisia root* (zou ma tai), Chinese Cinnamon twig* (gui zhi), Sichuan Lovage rhizome* (chuan xiong) Chinese Peony root* (chi shao), Chinese Clematis root* (wei ling xian), Evodia fruit* (wu zhu yu), Codonopsis root* (dang shen), Dong Quai root (dang gui), Licorice root* (gan cao); *extract

OsteoHerbal: 90 Capsules

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