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Cineraria Maritima Eye Drops CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE

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Cataract eye drops (This is the original and not a copy). The only Cineraria that works is the original formula.

DR. RECKEWEG - Cineraria Maritima Cataract Eye Drops 10 ml
Cataract eye drops (This is the original and not a copy). The only Cineraria that works is the original formula.
Senecio bicolor subsp. Cineraria (Cineraria maritima) D2.
Cineraria maritima eye drops may be considered in the treatment of: chronic conjunctivitis; conjunctival irritation; cataracts, corneal opacity due to metabolic disorders caused by age, diabetes, or gouty conditions; blepharitis; overstrained eyes; inflammatory eye disease.
Homeopathic eye drops have the advantage of healing the underlying cause, rather than suppressing symptoms or artificially replacing fluids. The drops feel wonderful and seem to increase vitality by positively stimulating tired eyes due to aging.
Cataract is a chronic condition expressed as the bodies inability in maintaining a clear crystalline lens. Considering there are no blood vessels to the lens, and that the lens is comprised of living cells which need oxygen, nutrition, detoxification and antioxidants - it is a miracle that even the healthiest eye can manage this task. It used to be that doctors would advise patients to wait until the cataract worsens, then replace it with an artificial lens. It is now recommended to implement natural treatments that support the body's innate ability to maintain or even clear the crystalline lens. Surgery might be delayed or eliminated.
Cineraria Maritima Senecio bicolor subsp. Cineraria (Cineraria maritima) D2.  
Non-medicinal ingredients: water, benzalkonium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium bicarbonate.
Adults: 1 drop 2-3 times daily into the affected eye or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. After closing the lid, massage it nasally across the conjunctiva to distribute the solution evenly. Lenticular opacity requires several months of treatment.
May cause eye irritation if used over a long period of time. If irritation persists or increases, discontinue the use and consult your healthcare practitioner. Avoid contact with soft contact lenses. Remove contact lenses prior to application and wait at least 15 minutes before reinsertion. If symptoms persist for more than 6 weeks, consult your healthcare practitioner.
To open the bottle for the first time, carefully tighten the cap, clockwise. The special pin-like “puncture thorn”, inside the cap, will thus create the necessary opening in the dropper tip (see picture). Thereafter, remove the cap and use normally. Close cap after every use.
Use the solution within one month of opening. Avoid contact with the dropper while using the product.
Cineraria Maritima Eye Drop D2 0.25 g - 10 ml - Approximately a 30 day supply

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