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Pharmacy Consultant

Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy hires the best board certified, licensed technicians that can be found. One unique way they guarantee this is by having all applicants take an exam with specific questions that would let them know their level of knowledge.

During the hiring process, they review over 50 applications to find that one technician that will fit into the guidelines and requirements of the pharmacy. It is a tedious process, but necessary to maintain the quality of knowledge the pharmacy and their clients expect.

The pharmacy hires technicians in all the health sciences from hormones to chronic diseases. The technicians will work individually with clients and consult with other colleagues in our network to find answers. When necessary, we will refer our clients to a practitioner who can order special testing and can do the best job in resolving their health complaints.

When coming to the pharmacy make sure you have plenty of time to spend with a technician. The technicians may be busy with other clients, so you may have a short wait. Please be patient so you can expect and receive the same attention as the client before you.

Some services are available by fax, but consultations are absolutely prohibited by phone. To prevent errors we suggest  fax and email consulting.

By past experience, we recommend using our fax or our e-mail service to find specific products you may be looking for or any further questions you may have after visiting the pharmacy.

Common questions best handled by fax or e-mail are:

  • Dosage on products purchased
  • Symptoms you may experience on a new product
  • How long should you take a product
  • Making sure other product you are taking, including drugs are ok to take with your new products
  • And any other questions that may come to mind

It is best not to guess!

Thank you for your time and trust, and know your health is our number one priority.

Pharmacy Consultant