The pharmacy was destroyed and looted Sunday May 31. We are planning to reopen the doors at the end of July. We are still open for business outside the entry doors where you can pick up your orders. You can call or email your orders in advance so we can pull the products and have your orders paid before coming down. Until we open the doors, our hours are Monday through Saturday 9:30 – 2:00. Our hours will extend to 3:00 starting August 1st. Please call before coming down. Orders online are still being processed from this website. Thank you for your patience. To learn more about the pharmacy damages click on the contact link.


All BIORAY products have been clinically formulated by an expert oriental medical doctor, Dr. Tim Ray. These products focus on utilizing the balance of nature and science to create safe, effective, and organic herbal supplements that will support health, energy, and the environment. These formulas have been carefully developed with organic, herbal ingredients known to be safe and to have healing properties. What makes BIORAY unique is the proprietary manufacturing process, which is sustainably harvested and handled with small, personally attended batches. Try BIORAY today to support your body’s natural defenses, nourish your mind, remove toxins, and boost your strength and vitality.

We protect our products from heat and deterioration by ordering them fresh each week and storing them in a temperature-controlled environment.

We have well over 200 years of collective knowledge in modern
and alternative medicine. We help our client's
restore their health.