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Arniflora Gel (Bruises) - 2.75 OZ


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Fast Relief for Muscle Pain & Stiffness.

Fast Relief for Muscle Pain & Stiffness.

Relives Pain, swelling, stiffness & bruising. Safe, No Side Effects Arniflora is a modern pharmaceutical preparation containing 8% tincture of Arnica montana. Arnica montana tincture is a medicine that has been used for centuries to relieve the aftereffects of falls, blows, sports injuries & overexertion. It makes black-&-blue marks go away faster & relieves the pain, swelling & stiffness caused by physical trauma. It is a favorite of athletes, coaches & trainers. Immediately after over-exercising or receiving a minor injury, apply Arnica Gel to ward off pain, stiffness & black-&-blue marks. Temporary relief of bruises & minor muscle & joint pain, swelling & stiffness from over-exercising, sprains, falls, blows, and sports injuries.


Supplement Facts
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Ingredients: Arnica montana 1X 8% in a witch hazel base.


For adults & children 2 years & older: Apply to affected area not more than 4 times daily. Massage gently or use compress. Children under 2: Use only on advice & under supervision of a doctor.


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