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Salt Lamp W/Base - Medium

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Product Information:


The following list of requirement led us to endorsing these Lamps. *Treatment areas are approximate, size may vary. All size descriptions are approximate as each is unique.

1) It naturally ionized the air without putting out an ionized order.

2) Did not desinigrate over time when it was subjected to water or moisture.

3) Put out a pleasant soft night time glow that can be used as a night light without disturbing sleep.

4) Inexpensive and easily replaceable light bulb that can be found in any store.

5) Multiple health benefits including Asthma and breathing disorders.

6) Completely maintenance free with the exception of number 4.

7) Multiple sizes with beautiful slate bases.

8) Most attractive shapes and designs.

As our research continues we will be adding to the list above. We are now making these lamps available as of December 24th. 2003.

Salt rock history

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