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Parazyme - 90 CP (manufacture discontinued)

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Parazyme by Renew Life - Advanced Naturals

Recent literature attributes good health to a healthy digestive system.

Parazyme also contains acidophilus and bifidus cultures formulated in a protein matrix coating for enhanced delivery and stabilized potency. These ingredients have long been used to assist the body in maintaining digestive health.

Nutritional Management Using ParaGONE & ParaZYME

Enhance digestion with ParaZYME's unique formula that includes plant enzymes, HCl, Pepsin & Bromelain.

ParaGONE natural herbal cleanse program contains ingredients with antiparasitic and antifungal properties.

ParaZYME's comprehensive Probiotic Formula helps reestablish healthy intestinal bacteria and normalize gut flora.

ParaZYME's unique rebuilding formula contains essential fatty acids and amino acids with intestinal rebuilding properties.

Dietary Fiber from fruits, vegetables or supplementation can be beneficial. FiberSmart is a flax fiber complex that includes acidophilus and L-Glutamine.

A comprehensive program of cleansing, rebuilding, and achieving good digestion combined with sensible diet changes, can leave you feeling energized, rejuvenated, and healthy.

Potential Causes of Digestive Problems:

  • Impaired Digestion Caused by Lack of Enzymes
  • Intestinal Toxemia (Toxins produced)
  • Imbalance of Gut Flora (Acidophilus decreased)
  • Candida and Parasites
  • Chronic Disease.


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(manufacture discontinued)

(manufacture discontinued)

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