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Organic Coconut Oil - 120 SG

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Product Information:

Ultra Botanicals Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil offers increased metabolism and natural anti-viral benefits. Putting our trust in nature, our oil is not hydrogenated; we offer only the pure unadulterated oil from fresh coconuts. We make it convenient for everyone to use by offering this precious oil in a 16 oz jar as well as in easy-to-swallow softgel capsules.

Coconut oil fats are quickly processed into energy without putting strain on the digestive system. This gives the body a boost of energy. This is great news if you are feeling fatigued! Because coconut oil does not require insulin to make it useable it as energy, you will not experience sugar highs or sugar lows , thus reducing hypoglycemic cravings.

In nature, coconut oil contains the most Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs). MCFAs are good fats and are broken down quickly. The result is a faster metabolism and heightened thyroid activity, which is a key to healthy weight management. All other fats turn into fat, are stored as fat and can raise serum cholesterol. Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil is a stable, healthy saturated fat that does NOT elevate bad (LDL) cholesterol. The fats in Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil produce energy. Other dietary fats produce fat.

Studies have also shown that the amount of unsaturated oil in the diet increases the rate at which wrinkled skin develops. Taken internally, Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil can help slow that process.

The added benefits of a faster metabolism include resistance to illness and faster healing.

Coconut oil has been shown to reduce the symptoms of digestive disorders, hypoglycemia, and promote healthy immune function. Extra Virgin, Organic Coconut Oil contains high amounts of lauric acid. In the body lauric acid is turned into monolaurin, a compound that shows promise to help fight viruses.

Common Uses
* Natural organic extra virgin coconut oil
* Convenient and easy to swallow softgel capsules
* High In Medium Chain Fatty Acids
* Healthy Weight Loss
* No sugar highs or sugar lows
* No hypoglycemic cravings
* Supports healthy thyroid function
* Supports healthy digestion
* Wrinkle Free Healthy Skin
* High Energy
* Supports strong healthy immune system
* Contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties
* One year shelf life at room temperature

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