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Fibromya - 45 TB (Manufacture Discontinued)

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Product Information:

Fibromya is a unique combination of botanical extractions from daisy flowers, grape leaves, and Olive pits. The botanical extractions are bio-enhanced with MediBotanicas patent-pending technology.

Suggested Use of Fibromya:
Take 2 Fibromya tablets per day for the first 5 days with at least 4 hours between each tablet. Then take 1 tablet per day thereafter as needed.

Fibromya is available in 200 mg tablets.

Product Applications:
Fibromya is designed to provide relief from the pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia. Fibromya also has efficacy as an anti-depressant. Most patients report a dramatic reduction or disappearance of myalgic pains. Sleep patterns improve as well as depression, mental alertness and cognition. Fatigue reduces and much increased energy levels are reported. Many patients respond within minutes of chewing one Fibromya tablet. Patients with sciatica also report relief from the associated pain when they take Fibromya.

Note:>BR> Since fibromyalgia patients often have associated gastric and urogenital problems, they may benefit from concurrent usage of PhytoPharms Gastrol and Urinol. Where extra pain relief is required, Arthritol may also assist.

BioEnhanced Extraction (B.E.E.), an integrated manufacturing technology consisting of the purification, isolation/extraction and bioenhancement of specific volatile oils and other important botanical phytonutrients. B.E.E. facilitates extraordinary dosage potency in an extremely fast-acting form. In addition, heavy metals and the plant's natural defense toxins are eliminated, leaving only its beneficial compounds in their purest and most active forms. With B.E.E. you receive all of what you need and none of what you don't for greater safety, efficacy and no unexpected adverse side effects.

Santa Monica Homeopathic have found the Hamada Pharma product to exceed their expected performance.

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The manufacture has discontinued this product. Email us if you would like an equivalent replacement product.

The manufacture has discontinued this product. Email us if you would like an equivalent replacement product.

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