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BMI Balance - 600 GM

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BMI Balance (body mass intensive) by Pharmax

Full protein replacement meal with balanced amino acid profile
Each meal replacement drink supplies 20 grams of protein
Conjugated linolenic acid (CLA) inhibits lypoprotein lipase, thereby decreasing storage of fat and increasing 'activitated' fat for oxidation (burning).
CLA increases levels of fat potentiated for oxidation. It does this by increasing the concentration of hormone sensitive lipase.
Chromium potentiates the action of insulin in vivo decreasing the effect of insulin resistance.
Chromium improves blood lipid profiles.
Chromium has been found to increase lean body mass and decrease fatty tissue.
L-carnitine transports fat into mitochondria for oxidation (burning). Increased tissue concentrations of L-carnitine increase this 'burning' capacity.

Ingredients Per capsule
Chromium (as chromium polynicotinate) 100mcg
Whey protein concentrate 23.75g
Conjugated linolenic acid (as freeze dried CLA concentrate) 1.5g
L-carnitine (as L-carnitine tartrate) 225mg
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) 1.2g

Non-active ingredients: Vanilla flavor

Recommended: 30g per meal replacement, taken with water or milk.

Keep out of reach of children.

Contra-indications: None known if recommended intake is followed.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in North America and Europe with 54% of American adults now classed as overweight or obese, and 14% of children between 6 - 11 now classed as clinically obese (Frier & Green, 2001).

Obesity is now recognized as a primary cause of numerous chronic, life-threatening diseases including cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, hypertension and many non-smoking related cancers. The significance of the effect of obesity on 'all cause' mortality is starkly illustrated in the diagram below.

Weight management forms a primary cornerstone to any health maintenance and disease prevention/treatment program and has also been proven in numerous animal experiments to be probably the single most important factor in enhancing longevity. The most consistent and scientifically logical means of reducing weight is to reduce calorific intake (and, if possible, increase calorific expenditure by exercise at the same time). Again, probably the most consistent way of achieving this is to replace a normal meal each day with a high protein, low fat/carbohydrate meal replacement drink.

BMI Balance from Pharmax is unique in combining a high protein, full meal replacement with physiologically meaningful amounts of three nutriceutical components. In recent years, scientific research has established that these three nutriceutical components (conjugated linolenic acid, L-carnitine and chromium) have specific effects in increasing the level of fat that is metabolized or 'burnt'. This increases fat turnover in the body, resulting in a greater loss of fat from adipose tissue and reduced deposition of dietary fat into adipose tissue. The result is a high protein, trace nutrient-balanced, fat-metabolizing drink, which can be used by anyone seeking to manage weight control, or as part of a treatment program where weight loss is a desirable goal for the patient.

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