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Chemical-Free Skin Health Book

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The purpose of this book is to share freely my perceptions of the chemicals that our skin is exposed to every day without our knowledge or choice.

Chemical-Free Skin Health is a book by Keys Technologist, Bob Root. It is full of tips, information and data to help you improve your skin health.

Are You Destroying Your Skin Ecosystem?

Healthy skin is a balance between the probiotic microbiome on it and the chemicals in skin care products that can destroy it.   Like the flora in our gut, the flora on the skin thrives naturally.   Cleaning our skin is essential to good health.   Destroying it with antibacterial agents and chemicals designed into skin care products changes the balance.   This change can and does result in many skin disorders.   These chemicals and bactericides are in most personal care, household and even prescription products.   Designed for safety, they just may be killing the ecosystem on our skin.

Our skin is our largest and most vulnerable organ.   Love it and it will love you. Protect it and it will protect you.   Abuse it and it will shorten your life.

There have been more chemicals developed in the last twenty years than in all of humankind.   Of the thousands of chemicals in use in the cosmetic, personal care and household products industry, less than 1% has been tested for safety.  A few years ago, I read that more than 60% of Americans claim to have a skin disorder.   Connection?  Probably!

There are no US Government regulations for cosmetics or skin care  products.

 What I have come to believe is that many skin disorders are misdiagnosed and are   probably caused by chemicals in the products we use every day.

An unlikely title? Not really! When you read this book, the title will become very appropriate and clear to you. It is clearly possible to reduce the chemical body burden, but it takes work. This book is a perspective on the chemical world we live in and why I believe all of us should be concerned for our lives and the lives of our families, friends and the animals that share our lives. This book is not intended to scare you, although it might. It is really to draw attention to what our lives have become and the chemicals, companies and products that rule it. It is about having a choice and making choices that improve our lives.

When I started this book, I felt totally unqualified to write it. After all, I am not a chemist nor do I fully understand the art and science of chemistry. I do understand, study and live in the quantum world of small particles, machines and reactions. I think this gives me a perspective that might just be new and unique. As I climb to 100,000 feet and look back at the history of chemicals in our lives, I realize how relatively short lived this industry has been operating under the new chemical standards. It is merely a blip in history.

The purpose of this book is to share freely my perceptions of the chemicals that our skin is exposed to every day without our knowledge or choice. I have intended to simplify industry jargon and terms to keep everything in perspective. The purpose of this book is also to elevate the base knowledge level of people new to the concept that everything we put on our bodies has the same impact as what we put in it. I also hope to alter the belief that more cosmetics make us younger looking to just maybe believe that the opposite is closer to the truth. 

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Chemical-Free Skin Health Book

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