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Standard Process Veterinary

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Whole food nutrition that works synergistically and systemically for total pet wellness.

The wild ancestors of today’s pets survived on a varied diet rich in nutrients, including beneficial phytonutrients. Now pets eat highly processed diets that can leave nutritional gaps.
Supplements with whole food ingredients support the whole body.
Our supplements are made from whole food ingredients that deliver the full spectrum of nutrition in its natural form. Manufactured with the same high standards as human supplements, we deliver nutritional complexity as nature intended.
Count on Standard Process® for:
Food combinations that create synergistic effects
Glandular support for the natural cell and tissue repair

Phytonutrients that may serve as antioxidants and support a healthy immune response.* 

Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy has been helping our clients with Standard Process products since 1977.

We protect our products from heat and deterioration by ordering them fresh each week and holding them in a temperature-controlled environment.

Authorized Healthcare Provider

We have well over 200 years of collective knowledge in modern
and alternative medicine. We help our client's
restore their health.