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Liver Protocol

Product Information:

The Protocol

Liver Restore for Life

Please follow directions as posted for maximum results that will allow you to feel the difference.

This Liver program is the most extreme program available to help the most damaged liver to recover.

1. Hepata*Trope: (SBL) 2 capsules upon rising and at bed.

2. LiverLife: (BIO) 2 droppers full twice daily before breakfast and dinner.

3. Livr Clear: (PHS) 2 droppers full upon rising and at bed.

4. One Step: (PRO) 2 scoops in water, Almond milk or rice milk before breakfast.

5. Liver support and Detoxification: (PHA) 2 capsules before breakfast and dinner.

6. Liver Protec: (MON) 2 capsules at bed.

You may notice a change in bowels. Do not allow yourself to become constipated. After 60 days all liver functions should return to normal with the exception of Hepatitis s C or Liver Cancer. Hepatitis C and Liver cancer will need an altered program.

Livers that are damaged, fatty, diseased or extremely toxic may need to start with half doses then slowly move to full dose.

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