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Inflammation - 100 TB (aka Acne)


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Characteristic symptoms include:
Violent, intense inflammation; congestive headaches;
Inflammation of eyes; throbbing pain Serious inflammation; promotes exudation
Inflammation from injuries, bruises and contusions
Catarrhal and rheumatic inflammation; symptoms aggravated by cold, damp weather
Catarrhal affections with thick, yellow-green discharge; acute coryza
Inflammation of skin, mucous membranes, joints and muscles
Constitutional sensitivity against cold, wet weather
Inflammation and ulceration of mucous membranes
Great exhaustion; gastro-enteric conditions; tendency to gangrenous inflammation
Promotes suppurations; croupous inflammation, especially of respiratory tract
Slowly suppurating abscesses; rheumatic catarrhal inflammation; ear conditions
Weakness of whole body in morning upon rising; must wear clothes loosely
Fever, Minor infection, Flu symptoms.

Argentum nitricum 8X, Arnica montana, radix 6X, Arsenicum album 10X, Belladonna 4X, Bryonia 5X, Dulcamara 6X, Echinacea purpurea 2X, Hepar sulphuris calcareum 10X, Influenzinum 15X, Lachesis mutus 12X, Mercurius solubilis 10X, Phytolacca decandra 6X, Pulsatilla 6X, Pyrogenium 12X, Rhus toxicodendron 6X, Staphylococcinum 12X, Streptococcinum 12X, Thuja occidentalis 6X.

Inflammation - 100 TB (aka Acne)

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